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About the Society of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Executives

By harnessing the energy, the expertise and the relationship of each member, SEPE would provide a platform for members to develop ideas, solutions and opportunities to enhance their success. To achieve our primary mission, SEPE would offer programs, functions and events:


  • Introduce our members by Posting of Summary Descriptions of Members: Individuals,Organizations and Corporations in our website.

  • Provide Networking and information sharing via website/chat line (e.g. yahoo groups) at all times.

  • Provide Professional Resources to facilitate business development and problem-solving.

  • Facilitate the exchange of professional services from various sectors, including consultation and referrals.

  • Promote the Collaboration of business, government agencies, higher education institutions and not-for-profit organizations.

  • Offer Business to Business Connections for identifying/sharing business opportunity.

  • Organize Quarterly Meeting with the keynote speaker for sharing and exchange.

  • Offer Forums for the discussion of issues of importance.

  • Organize Delegations, Visits, Tours, Educational Seminars, Conference and Conventions that meet members’ interest and provide programs, including sightseeing, for members family when appropriate.

  • Recognize and celebrate Excellence of Achievement in business and public institutions.

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Businesses associated with SEPE

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